Associated Departments

Kerala forest department

is involved in the protection and conservation activities of the Community Reserve. Some of the activities are listed below.

  • Declaration of mangrove growing areas as Reserved Forest.
  • Conducting awareness camps, medical camps, workshops, Bird census, Bird watching camps etc.

The role of other departments and scientific institutions are listed below.


Both Vallikkunnu and Kadalundi panchayaths are being the local government bodies having jurisdiction in the area are provide basic amenities like drinking water, education, health care and attend to community developments etc. Some of the activities carried out by panchayaths are,

  • Construction of bridge at Balathuruthy
  • Construction of local roads connecting Community Reserve area.



Promote mussel and prawns cultivation and provide technical Support to Farmers.


Promote eco-tourism activities in the community Reserve


Assistance and guidance to the agricultural and horticultural activities. The activities include distribution of vegeta ble seeds, supply of coconut seedlings and fertilizer, supply of poultry etc.


Side wall protection, bund construction etc.